Some Amazing Facts About Vietnamese Hair Factory Will Shock You

Africa is a promising region for the hair sector worldwide. To add, the Vietnamese hair factory is the finest place to buy elevated hair at affordable costs, so don’t overlook it if you’re thinking of starting a hair company or looking for a hair provider.

  1. Is a Vietnamese hair factory a good fit for your company

The hair industry is booming and bringing in more money every year. Numerous individuals aspire to work in the hair industry either as wholesalers or retailers. However, they worry that they won’t be able to locate high-quality options, and that they’ll be duped because of the prevalence of shady hair factories in the industry. Also, what would you recommend as the best course of action for them to take? It’s possible to save a lot of money by shopping at the Vietnamese hair factory .

1.1. Vietnamese hair factory offers the most affordable price

In today’s hair industry, high quality Vietnamese hair is very popular with Arican, European and US market. The Vietnamese hair factory has the benefit of being close to the supplier of the raw materials, meaning that they don’t have to pay to ship hair in from elsewhere, and they also benefit from having access to low-cost workers in order to keep their price down.

1.2.  Lessening your exposure to danger when collaborating with Vietnamese hair factory

When you purchase hair from a Vietnamese hair factory, you won’t have to deal with the same problems that arise in other wholesale hair manufacturers throughout the world. You may have been aware that Vietnam has one of the world’s largest most politically stable systems. Consequently, there will be no hassles with delivery or customs when you shop from the Vietnamese hair factory.

Lessening your exposure to danger when collaborating with Vietnamese hair factory

Furthermore, when compared to nations like China and India, where there are numerous additional hair manufacturers. As there aren’t many Vietnam hair factories, you may rest assured that there won’t be as many cons operating there. Because of this transparency, you could purchase hair from Vietnam hair factories with complete confidence that it comes from human donors.

  1. Top-selling and money-making items in a Vietnamese hair factory

In this article, we will examine the most successful and popular items produced by Vietnamese hair factory.

2.1. Raw Vietnamese hair is a hot commodity among hair wholesalers and salons around the world

All top hair vendors need to have raw hair as material. And raw Vietnamese hair is one of the most premium hairs that can be bleached and dyed into the lightest colors. And The Vietnamese hair factory’s top-selling and most profitable item is raw Vietnamese hair:

  • Hair which has been harvested from individuals but it hasn’t been treated with any additives is called “raw hair” .  Because the cuticle is not damaged, the hair is of a good standard.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair, in its second meaning, encompasses any and all forms of hair that come from human hair contributors but have not been subjected to any sort of chemical or thermal processing. This raw hair material can be processed into a variety of finished goods, including weft hair, clip-in hair, tip hair, tape hair, and tape hair. So, when you get “raw Vietnamese hair” from a Vietnamese hair factory, what you’re getting is basically untreated, high-quality human hair.

The Vietnamese hair factory’s top-selling and most profitable item is raw Vietnamese hair

Some raw hair merchants have acquired fortunes in the billions.

  • The hair industry places a premium on Vietnamese raw hair since it is chemical-free and all-natural. They could buy it from a Vietnamese hair factory and then dye or curl it to meet the needs of their clientele. You might not be able to locate this at any other global wholesale raw hair dealer. The women of Vietnam typically avoid using harsh chemicals on their hair.
  • Since the importation of raw hair resources and the accompanying fees or tariffs are cheaper than those of final products, raw Vietnamese hair is also extremely popular. In light of this, raw Vietnamese hair is gaining in popularity.

2.2. Wefts of human hair are a popular commodity in Africa

Weft hair is a bundle of individual tresses that has been stitched or taped onto a thin fabric strip. Weft hair is commonly used to combat low density and lackluster curls since it is clean and adaptable.

Vietnam’s hair wefts are particularly well-liked in Africa. People of African descent frequently have thin, short hair, therefore hair wefts are a popular way to add volume and thickness. Wholesale hair vendors and retailers in Africa purchase hair from Vietnamese hair factory can make three to four times their initial investment in a hair weft’s pricing by sourcing a consistent supply of premium hair and creating a visually attractive pattern.

2.3. Tip hair, tape hair and clip in hair – The items preferred by Europeans

Europeans have shown an unusual fondness for these kinds of products made in Vietnamese hair factory. The local populace is in search of products that can help their lengthy, thin hair look and feel thicker and more buoyant.

Compared to the average annual profit made by the European hair distribution and trading industry, the profit margins at the Vietnamese hair factory are seven to eight times higher.

Tip hair, tape hair and clip in hair – The items preferred by Europeans

  1. Tips to find the best Vietnamese hair factory

Finding a reliable Vietnamese hair factory is not easy, and here are some tips to help you find the most reliable wholesale hair factory to work with:

  • Screen out prospective Vietnam hair factories by researching them online or hearing about them from trusted family and friends.
  • Actual visits to the plant can be arranged if you have contacts in Vietnam. There has been some fraud in Vietnam concerning the authenticity of the company and the transaction, therefore you need to be cautious prior to starting business with a Vietnamese hair factory.
  • Make a video call request to the Vietnamese hair factory. They will be more than delighted to give you a tour of their factories and demonstrate their wares if you ask nicely.
  • Think about your questions before meeting with the Vietnamese hair factory’s agent. Representatives in the field of sales must be knowledgeable and comfortable fielding challenging inquiries regarding the goods or services they offer.
  • You can inquire about the origin of the hair, the texture of the hair, the usage of chemicals, and the processing technique for the extensions.
  • Before placing an order, be sure you understand the producers’ return, service, and transaction policies. Selecting suppliers with a defined return policy will help you sleep better at night. Another consideration when selecting a Vietnamese hair factory is whether or not they take PayPal. Due to Paypal’s shopper security guarantee, you may confidently shop and pay with them. While just a small fraction of Vietnam hair factories accept PayPal, those that do have a transparent refund policy.

You can inquire about the origin of the hair, the texture of the hair

  • If you’re on the edge, requesting a hair sample is a good idea. Finally, if you are unsure of the quality, begin with smaller orders and move on to larger ones only after you are entirely satisfied.
  1. Top best Vietnamese hair factory

The following is a list of the most reliable Vietnam hair factories that we could locate; please use it if you are still experiencing problems.

4.1. Layla Hair – top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

Layla Hair offers high-quality, meticulously maintained hair extensions that can dramatically alter your appearance.

  • Hair bundles, hair weave, wigs, clip-in and tape-in extensions, toppers for ladies, and toupees for males are all available.
  • Pricing is really reasonable. Closure Bundles price from 71 to 330 USD each unit.
  • A two-day return/exchange window is in effect.
  • Responses: Lots of helpful suggestions

Layla Hair offers high-quality, meticulously maintained hair extensions

If you’re in the market for a premium Vietnamese hair factory, go no farther than Layla Hair.

4.2. Jen hair – top 2 Vietnamese hair factory

Jen Hair started as a modest shop, but it has now expanded into one of Vietnam’s leading hair producers.

  • We offer a variety of hair products, including wefts, extensions, closures, and frontals. Jen Hair is a brand name that has become synonymous with quality products for curly hair.
  • Jen Hair’s superior products are offered at competitive prices
  • The policy is to allow for exchanges and refunds.
  • Reviews: overall favorable responses

If you’re looking for the best place to get high-quality Vietnamese hair, look no further than Jen Hair, the best Vietnamese hair factory.

4.3. Mic Hair – top 2 Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair is highly acknowledged as the best Vietnamese hair factory

  • Goods: Weave hair from Vietnam, closures, frontals, and extensions. Vietnamese double drawn hair is well known for its superior quality and affordable costs.
  • The price is high, but well worth it. The cheapest bundle is only $7.70
  • The turnaround time for returns for this service is 30 days.

If you’re in the market for premium hair and attentive support, Mic Hair is one of the best Vietnam hair factory you can work with.